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The city motto for Lethbridge Alberta is Ad occasionis januam in latin which translates to Gateway to Opportunity.  Originally developed by coal miners in the late 19th century, over half of the Lethbridge workforce is now employed in health, education, retail and hospitality. 


Waterton Lakes National Park

Lethbridge is the 3rd largest and most southernly City in the Canadian province of Alberta.  It's semi-arid climate makes for an average of 333 days of sunshine annually, placing it within the sunniest places in all of Canada.  Lethbridge enjoys warm, dry summers with an average daily high of over 20°C and the warmest winters in the region with an average daily high of 2°C.

Lethbridge is a city of ~100,000 people with access to all amenities within city limits.  The University of Lethbridge resides along the V-shaped valleys or Coulees separating West Lethbridge from the main city.  Lethbridge is famous for natural beauty and just a few hours away from the Rocky Mountains, Waterton Lakes and Banff National Parks.


Banff National Park

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